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How it works

How it works-departure/return-insurance claims

Side by Side Share provides a marketplace for Owners to list and rent UTVs/ATVs directly to the renter. Once the vehicle and dates are selected, its the responsibility of the owner and renter to determine pick up time, location and drop off.  

Use the Side by Side Share site for all communication. This keeps a digital record for all bookings, in the event there is a dispute. 

When meeting for pickup, the owner should be ready to go. Vehicle and trailer should be serviced and ready for the trip. Owner should spend at least 10-15 mins going over the vehicle, discussing and demonstrating the features. A thorough inspection should be completed by both parties. The departure form must be completed and signed by both parties. We recommend pictures or video be taken to document vehicle condition, tires, mileage, fuel level, existing damage, etc. Digital proof along with the signed forms makes disputes much easier to manage and resolve. 

In the event that damage does occur on the trip, the renter should always take pictures of the damage at the scene and send them immediately to sidebysideshare@gmail.com or 801-850-8274. If anyone involved in the incident needs medical attention their safety and care should be the first priority. Either the owner or renter must contact Side by Side Share within 48 hours of the scheduled return date or insurance coverage may be denied. Acceptable methods of contact are using the "contact us" form on the site, email sidebysideshare@gmail.com, or texting 801-850-8274.
or insurance coverage may be denied. Acceptable methods of contact are using the "contact us" form on the site, email rhsbpropertiesllc@gmail.com, or texting 801-850-8274.

STANDARD DEDUCTIBLE IS $2000 per occurrence. In any situation where the vehicle is tipped onto its side or rolled over, THE DEDUCTIBLE WILL BE $5000. The reason for the higher deductible is to encourage safe and responsible driving throughout the rental period. There isn't any reason a renter should ever put themselves in a position where the machine would be tipped or rolled on its side. Most accidents can be avoided when proper care is taken.

The Protection Plan will cover the UTV/ATV and trailer only.

The Protection Plan will not provide medical coverage the renter or the occupants in the rented vehicle.

Side By Side Share

Pre Arrival Checklist

Here’s a handy list of tasks to complete before the arrival of your renters:


Exterior Cleaning

Just like you would not expect to rent a dirty car, your renters do not expect to rent dirty UTVs or ATVs. So please make sure the exterior of your UTV OR ATV has been thoroughly cleaned before the arrival of your travelers. Remember, the cleaner your UTV OR ATV, the better your review will be!

Interior Cleaning

Just like the exterior, the interior of the UTV should be as clean as possible. (ATVs don’t really have an interior, but the point still applies.) No one really likes to check-in to a dirty room. Make sure the interior of your UTV has been meticulously cleaned before the arrival of your guests.

Tire Inspection

Tires are super important on the road, so give every single tire a thorough inspection. Keep in mind that tires rot from the inside out. Whatever damage you see on the outside is far worse on the inside. You should check the tires for:

✓ Wear

✓ Tread Depth

✓ Bulges

✓ Cuts

✓ Proper Inflation

Never allow a rental to occur if there is an unresolved tire issue. Any tires in question must be replaced. Do not rent your UTV OR ATV or transport trailer if its tires are old. Trailer tires can cause major damage to the trailer, vehicles nearby, or even cause an accident if a blow out occurs. So please be extremely diligent in maintaining the quality of your tires. Thank you.




Routine Maintenance

You must adhere to a regular maintenance schedule for your UTV OR ATV or transport trailer. If you do not already, you should begin routine maintenance prior to the arrival of your guests. An easy way to do this is to take your UTV OR ATV or transport trailer to a dealership or service professional and have it serviced.

Fluid Check

Check all fluid levels in your UTV OR ATV:

✓ Oil

✓ Transmission Fluid

✓ Brake Fluid

✓ Radiator Fluid

Signals Check

Check all lights and signals on your UTV OR ATV or transport trailer:

✓ Driving Lights

✓ Head Lights

✓ High Beam Lights

✓ Rear Driving Lights

✓ Brake Lights

✓ Front Turn Signals

✓ Rear Turn Signals

Test Drive

Take your UTV OR ATV or travel trailer on a test drive to check for observable issues and to ensure the unit is ready for travel. Drive the UTV OR ATV at a range of speeds . Look out for any noises, vibrations, smells, or other signals that there is an issue with the unit.

Do not allow a rental to occur if you suspect any type of problem with your unit.


Paperwork Ready

Get all the necessary paperwork printed out and ready. This includes your Rental Agreement, Side By Side Share terms & Conditions, Departure Form, Liability Waiver Form, as well as any additional contracts or forms you will want signed.

Make Adequate Time For A Walkthrough & Send Off

It’s best if your travelers never feel rushed when they come to pick up your UTV OR ATV. Be sure to schedule adequate time on the day of departure for a thorough walkthrough, proper instructions, a test drive, and time to answer all questions and handle paperwork. That guarantees the best results for both you and them! Thank you.