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Rental Agreement & Forms

SxS Share Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver

Please have all participating adults sign this rental agreement. If Minors are participating, legal guardians should list names and DOB for each.

Sign Rental Agreement

The Departure and Return Forms, including video, are used to capture the pre and post-trip condition of the UTV/ATV and to report damage or charge for overages after a reservation is complete. These forms will be avalible when it comes time to pick up your rental.

Departure Form - The Departure Form is filled out by the renter and owner during send off. Document the pre-trip condition of the UTV/ATV, including the starting fuel and mileage and any pre-existing damage to the UTV/ATV using the form. Be sure to take video of all four sides of the UTV/ATV and major steering suspension components, as well as photos of any pre-existing interior and exterior damage.

IMPORTANT: The Departure Form is reviewed in the event that damage is reported to the UTV/ATV and is required if a claim needs to be filed. It provides documentation of the pre-trip condition of the UTV/ATV and can impact whether or not you are paid in these instances. Always sign the departure forms and take a video walkaround of the machine during send off.

Download departure and return forms

Return Forms

The purpose of the Return Form is to capture the post-trip condition of the UTV/ATV, report damage, and charge for overages or additional fees incurred during the rental. You have 48 hours, after the reservation end date to submit return forms. If no claims or overages are submitted, Side By Side Share returns the security deposit in full to the renter.

Completed Departure and Return Forms, including video, are required when filing a claim or when requesting reimbursement against the renter's security deposit. Failure to provide these signed forms could result in the reimbursement request being rejected.

Return Forms